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Check Out Our Adorable Embellished Onesies! October 25, 2009

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Farmers Market September 1, 2009

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On Saturday Karla and I took Lucy and Jack to the Minneapolis farmers market.  It was my first time there and WOW is it big!  To my surprise – not only is it produce and fresh flowers, but there are a lot of vendors selling all kinds of great items.  I had a really nice time! 

My must share purchase is a book that I bought for Jack.  A woman from Sioux Falls happened to have a booth there on Saturday and was selling a childrens book she wrote titled “Floppy Cat”.  It is a wonderful story based on a real cat that was different from rest because he had very little balance control.  The book has wonderful meaning, great illustrations and is an easy read.  Check it out for yourself – there is also a video of the real floppy cat:


Introducing Washies! New Vida Products on Etsy. August 25, 2009

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Wild Washies!

Wild Washies!

I just posted a few sets of adorable washcloths on Etsy.  See the link below to check out our “Wild Washies” in super cute animal prints.

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how we came up with this idea.   Lucy used to have these super red, dry, crackly cheeks.  I had thought maybe it was winter skin, but even as it warmed up this spring, I was constantly putting aquaphor (great product, by the way) on her poor little cheeks.  Finally, I started thinking that it was being caused by my husband (and me sometimes) using a scratchy dishcloth to wash her face after a meal.  We tried to keep them separate and even bought a different color to use for her face, but I think the material was still too rough for her tender skin.

So, one night I got the idea to sew some scraps of super soft minky and flannel together, and the washie was born.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence, but Lucy’s cheeks are now perfectly smooth and not red at all.  I’ll never use anything else to wash her face again!


Did I mention, we now have stuff on Etsy??? August 5, 2009

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Seriously, I’m on my way out the door any minute, but I just realized it might be a good time to plug our Etsy shop.  Allison and I have about 20 items currently listed, with more to be posted any day now.

Go ahead and check us out at:

Have a great night!  (If you are reading…)