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Wow! Lucy is Two!!! August 24, 2009

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So, I’m officially the mom of a two year old.  Amazing.

It’s not a big secret among my friends, because I’m totally a talker, but at this time three years ago, I had no idea if I’d ever have a baby.  Much less two beautiful little girls.  We were just starting our first round of IVF after over 4 years of trying various procedures and tests and treatments in our quest to start a family, and some serious soul searching around adoption, IVF or living child-less.  But we finally decided to bite the bullet and try “one last thing”.  Of course, that round was a disaster and cancelled right before the egg retrieval.  But the next round was a glorious success with one little “poor quality” embryo that turned into the most gorgeous and spunky little girl I ever saw.  And shortly after that, we conceived little Lyla, equally gorgeous and spunky, all on our own.

How things can change in a few short years!

As we were singing happy birthday to Lucy on Saturday, I couldn’t help but well up at all the joy I had in my heart at seeing MY little girl growing up and celebrating her special day, and how not so long ago, I feared I would never see that day.

What a wonderful day it was!


Busy, busy, busy… August 20, 2009

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Well, it’s been quite a busy week, or month, or year.  Gosh, I honestly do not know where the time goes.  Kurt was mowing the lawn last Saturday, and I felt bad because normally I mow the lawn, and I felt like I must have really been slacking for him to take the initiative.  Then I counted back and realized that Friday night he had met with clients, Thursday night we had taken the girls to Farmington Farmer’s Market (which was good, by the way), Wednesday had been swimming class, Tuesday Kurt had a meeting with his agents and Monday I had gone to Bunco.  Which means there hadn’t been a day I could have mowed until Saturday.

How is it that a whole week can be gobbled up by activities and yet you look back at the summer gone by and think you haven’t done a thing?  Crazy!  I tell you what.  Next summer is gonna be different.  If we have to reserve a cabin and make camping plans tomorrow, we are going to do some fun memory making things, if it kills us.

But, in the meantime, still busy…  Tomorrow should be super fun, as it’s Lucy’s second birthday and I took the day off.  I’m not even going to log in to my e-mail, nor try to do a little work to lessen the PTO time I need to use.  Just going to get up, make some banana pancakes with strawberries and whip cream.  Then after getting groceries and a few things lined up for the party on Saturday, we are going to head out with the girls to celebrate and shop.  Wooo hooo!!!

And, next week, I will focus on Vida Baby Boutique.  I think…  🙂


Happy Birthday Allison! August 14, 2009

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Dear Allison is celebrating her birthday today!!!  29 again.  🙂

Allison, I wish you all the best today and always.  I look forward to our little venture and I’m happy to be doing this with such a wonderful friend.  Have fun tonight!