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Well, Hello There, Lonely Little Blog… October 16, 2009

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Oh my, it’s been way too long since either of us have been here!

Things have been very busy in the land of Vida Baby Boutique and in both Allison’s and my households.  As far as our households go, we both have crazy crawling and cruising little kiddos – I personally think that Allison’s son is going to walk any day now. And Lucy is really keeping us on our toes.  Right now I just checked on her and she had taken all of her baby dolls upstairs and put them in her crib, laying in a row with their heads on her pillow and tucked in.  How stinkin’ cute is that?

In regards to Vida, we have been super busy with a couple of shows.  We did the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market on Sept. 27th, and the Birth and Babies Expo on Oct. 10th.  So, we were pretty much buried in flying fabric and creating new ideas prior to both shows.  We did well and had a great time at both.  It seems our stuff shows so much better in person than photos, so we got tons of compliments and encouragement and made some great connections too.

So, what do we have coming up?

Minneapolis Farmer’s Market – tomorrow (Sat., Oct. 17th)

a small private boutique  – Sunday, Nov. 1st

Nokomis Urban Art Fair – Saturday, Nov. 14th

South of the River Holiday Boutique – Sunday, Nov. 15th (we’ll post more details on this one soon!)

Other than that, just trying to spend some time with our families and get our new stuff photographed and loaded to etsy.  Stay tuned for some cool new things!


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