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Farmers Market September 1, 2009

Filed under: Products — Allison @ 12:06 am

On Saturday Karla and I took Lucy and Jack to the Minneapolis farmers market.  It was my first time there and WOW is it big!  To my surprise – not only is it produce and fresh flowers, but there are a lot of vendors selling all kinds of great items.  I had a really nice time! 

My must share purchase is a book that I bought for Jack.  A woman from Sioux Falls happened to have a booth there on Saturday and was selling a childrens book she wrote titled “Floppy Cat”.  It is a wonderful story based on a real cat that was different from rest because he had very little balance control.  The book has wonderful meaning, great illustrations and is an easy read.  Check it out for yourself – there is also a video of the real floppy cat:


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