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PSA – Where to find your lost socks!!! August 31, 2009

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meep – meep – Public Service Announcement – meep meep

If you’ve ever wondered if your washing machine is eating your socks, I can tell you with absolute certainty, that it is very possible.

Saturday night, the washing machine was beeping.  I assumed it was this annoying  “suds” indicator that we sometimes get.  We have a high efficiency front loader, and apparently those things are a little sensitive in the suds department.   So, I hit reset and we left for the night.

Sunday morning, it was still going off, and driving Kurt crazy.  So after trying the usual tricks to get past the error, I consulted the manual, which informed us it was some sort of a draining issue.   So, we unplugged the machine, reset it, tried again.  Still not working.  Meanwhile there is still a load of partially washed laundry inside sitting in about 6 inches of water. We throw the sopping wet clothes into the sink and there is still a few inches of water sitting inside the machine.

Next we check the drain hose to see if it’s clogged.  Unfortunately, we can’t see each other as Kurt is behind the machine and I’m halfway inside the cabinet under the sink.  So, Kurt decides to blow on one end, at the same time as I shine the flashlight into the other.  Yours truly got a face full of disgusting water. Ewwwwwwww.  But, apparently the hose is not clogged.

This concludes the usefulness of the manual, so Kurt calls a plumber friend who gives him some advice over the phone and suggests that Kurt check the drain pump.   Which is easier said than done.  But after about half an hour of wrestling with it, Kurt removed the pump and not only found the source of the problem, but also released all the water sitting inside the washing machine onto the laundry room floor.  Great!

And what was inside the pump, but a knee high dress sock of mine that I hadn’t seen since last winter.  And it used to be black, but was now dingy grey.  Who knows how long that had been sitting in there, because the real root of the problem was a plastic baggie that must have come of one of Kurt’s pants pockets.

The only thing worse than getting the pump out, was getting it back in.  But after an hour of wrestling with it and a trip to the hardware store to buy a different type of clip for the hose.  Kurt did it and we slide the machine back under the counter and turned it on and it WORKED.  Yay!

Now, who would have thought a knee high sock would have got sucked all the way into that thing.  If that’s possible, I don’t even want to know how many baby socks have made it all the way through.


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