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Wow! Lucy is Two!!! August 24, 2009

Filed under: General — Karla @ 6:48 pm

So, I’m officially the mom of a two year old.  Amazing.

It’s not a big secret among my friends, because I’m totally a talker, but at this time three years ago, I had no idea if I’d ever have a baby.  Much less two beautiful little girls.  We were just starting our first round of IVF after over 4 years of trying various procedures and tests and treatments in our quest to start a family, and some serious soul searching around adoption, IVF or living child-less.  But we finally decided to bite the bullet and try “one last thing”.  Of course, that round was a disaster and cancelled right before the egg retrieval.  But the next round was a glorious success with one little “poor quality” embryo that turned into the most gorgeous and spunky little girl I ever saw.  And shortly after that, we conceived little Lyla, equally gorgeous and spunky, all on our own.

How things can change in a few short years!

As we were singing happy birthday to Lucy on Saturday, I couldn’t help but well up at all the joy I had in my heart at seeing MY little girl growing up and celebrating her special day, and how not so long ago, I feared I would never see that day.

What a wonderful day it was!


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