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Doing Good Things August 7, 2009

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Earlier this week, I was struck by a thought, as  I walked past the EMPTY school supply donation basket in the lobby of the building I work in.  Well, actually it was two thoughts.  First, I thought “they” must empty the donations often, because I’ve not seen anything in there yet.  Then, I thought more realistically that maybe no one was putting things in the basket.  Which made me sad, but also reflective that I hadn’t put anything in the basket either.

So, on my lunch break, I went to Target and in addition to my normal little spree, I stopped in the school supplies section and picked up some notebooks and pencils to drop in the basket when I returned.

I felt good.

But then I started thinking about how I haven’t done much volunteering or given many charitable contributions since the being pregnant with Lucy.  I mean sure I have money taken out of my paycheck for United Way, and I participate in the workplace giving events, and I send out Mother’s March donation requests in my neighborhood for the March of Dimes (which are actually sitting on the island in my kitchen as I type waiting to be dropped off a full three weeks late.) But, it terms of a big commitment, I guess it just seems like there was never time.

This led me to realize that maybe I don’t need to make a big commitment to do good things.  Maybe I just need to do little things every once in a while and they will add up to something really good.

As so, I’ve decided that at least once a month I’m going to come up with a simple, minimal time and minimal cost way to give back to the community, then do it and post about it here.  I’m counting on you all to keep me honest, and I’ll challenge you all to try to contribute as well.

In case you are interested in doing so, those of you in the twin cities can find out more about donating school supplies at:

Of course, your local school district, I’m sure would always be willing to take a donation of supplies as well.


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