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No caffeinated coffee? August 5, 2009

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We (my husband Dan, baby Jack and I) just returned from a nice long weekend up north (Pelican Rapids).  We had a great time (although the weather could have been a bit more cooperative) and a lot of fun (and funny) memories.  At a later date I will post about the wave runner adventure – however, I better get permission from those involved first.  I mean really, how much trouble (mechanical that is) could the 3 of us girls get ourselves into??

Anyway – back to our 5hr trip home – which should have really only taken 4hrs. The biggest delay occurred when we were just leaving town.  It was early, so we decided to stop for breakfast and opted for quick and easy.  Yep – McDonalds it was! I waited in the truck with Jack while Dan ran in to get our order to go.  We didn’t do the drive up because we were pulling the wave runner.  Good thing, because I just so happened to notice that 10 minutes later (yes – while still waiting in the truck) the same car was at the drive up window waiting for their order.  After another 10 minutes my husband FINALLY comes out with our food (which I have to say I had 2 bites of mine and threw the rest out – honestly! Not because it wasn’t good, but because I definitely DO NOT need to be eating McDonalds). Now, one of the main reasons for stopping at McDonalds (obviously the quick and easy was now out the window) was because my husband wanted coffee.  Long drive home = the need for caffeine. So, Dan gets in the truck and is a bit baffled because this McDonalds was out of caffeinated coffee! I mean – come on!  The fast food restaurant that now advertises their coffee as much as their burgers is OUT of caffeinated coffee?? Hmmmm.  Note to self – in the future, do not stop at small town McDonalds.  Slow service and no caffeinated coffee……(sorry, no offense meant to anyone from a small town that works at McDonalds). 

Well, that is the no caffeine story and the most excitement we had with our drive home.  The rest of the delay was due to road construction on 94.  I do have to say that Jack did awesome on the drive.  He is so darn good and cute – I could just eat him up (not literally – but you moms know what I mean!).

Stay tuned for the wave runner story…….


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