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I love the Farmer’s Market!!! August 5, 2009

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Today,  on my way home from work, I actually remembered that:

a. It was Wednesday, and,

b. Wednesday is the day the Farmer’s Market is in Lakeville.

And, as luck would have it, I had just enough time to pop in before picking up Lucy from daycare.  I’m so thrilled with my bounty.  First of all, I must say that going to the market 10 minutes before closing time is an excellent strategy.  Most of the stalls were still set up and selling, and many of then were slashing prices at the end of the day to reduce the amount of stuff they had to transport back and hold over until the next market they go to.

So, for ten whole dollars I got zucchini, cucumbers, baby red potatoes, green peppers, red onions, green beans and a huge bunch of basil.  I’ve already enjoyed my first cucumber, sliced with salt and I feel healthier already.

Now to just use everything up by next week.  🙂  I think I’ll start by throwing some zucchini on the grill tonight with the chicken breasts I have marinating.

But, first it’s time to take the girls to swimming.

PS – I have a feeling I might be trying a Zucchini Muffin recipe, and if it turns out good, I’ll have my recipe of the week for next week already.


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