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Sooooooo…. July 28, 2009

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how did this come about, you might ask…

It all started with a burp cloth!  When I was pregnant with Lucy over two years ago, I received a set of burp cloths as a gift.  I thought they were ADORABLE and PRACTICAL!  So much so, that I decided that they should be the go-to gift for any of my friends who were expecting.  But, I just couldn’t find any that I liked anywhere, at a reasonable price. 

Being the handy, crafty type, I decided to make my own for my daughter and as gifts.  The response was overwhelming.  Soon people who received them as gifts started placing orders.  My best customer was my dear friend Allison, who single-handledly kept me busy making burp cloths in my spare time. 

Once Allison became pregnant with her son (ironically at the same time as I was pregnant with my second daughter) she and I started coming up with ideas for things that we both would like to use on a day to day basis.

The “birth” of Vida Baby Boutique is our outlet for sharing these ideas with you and the world.  Stay tuned as we talk more about our dreams and ambitions and as our little “baby” blossoms.


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